Honor & Shame- A Biblical and American Foundation.

Take the temperature of your State’s chaos.

This determines the Level of Honor or Shame you are currently under.

This is also relevant for the our country and others around the world.

You see, most of you do not understand just how embedded honor and shame are embedded into every single culture.

Why? Because it is from Hashem. (GOD)It is from the beginning. Good and Evil are linked emphatically to Honor & Shame and Right & Wrong. It is one main reason for why God sends His Ruach/Spirit to us. So we know what HE deems Right or Honorable, and what is wrong or shameful.

It is a singular concept attached to you individually as well as collectively to all of us a group. It directly affects your life, your family, your land, your state, your country and ultimately the World.

The Key to understanding what constitutes the true context of a “moral compass” and the true “honor code” in which leads to a righteous life is returning to the Creator, the One who invented it.

Every single one of you on this page is at a different level.

  • Some of you already understand what it means to live an honorable life before God and Messiah.

  • Some of us have known this very thing but are pressing forward into deeper levels we may have skipped over.

  • Some of you lay hold to the Constitution of the United States for America as one of the greatest documents on earth, but have yet to reach for the Torah, the Constitution for Creation.

  • Some of you have made your Declaration of Independence as our forefathers penned but do not yet realize that as Thomas Jefferson said “Freedom is never Free, and the price for freedom is eternal vigilance.” Which means it must be worked for. Freedom is only found within the boundaries that define it. It is the same with God’s Freedom thru Yeshua the Messiah and walking honorably within the boundaries of the Torah.

  • Some of you understand the Oath you swore in Allegiance to the Flag and will lay down your life in defending it and what it is supposed to represent. But yet most us so quickly trample the Oath of Allegiance we swore to God to walk shameless before Him.

  • Many of you have an idea, a story to tell on a revelation, an altar visit somewhere, an illness, an act of sin, or even a near death experience that led you to God and Messiah. But how many of you truly understand and grasp that you entered into a Treaty with the Creator and Messiah ? How many of us truly recognize the severity of all these legal documents and representations of these covenants?

So here is my challenge to those will choose to accept it. I am not on the Agent 007 Team, although if there is one in existence, someone send me an application.

If you are one that has been walking out Torah, and following Messiah, my challenge to you is to seek out some areas you have skipped over that you thought you already had what you thought was nailed down. I firmly believe we are lacking in many areas of observance. So I would encourage revisiting areas attached to that. Whether it is kashrut (kosher eating), Sabbath observance, Hebrew prayer, etc. Find an area that draws you closer to Honor.

If you are one of my Patriot Christian associates, my challenge to you is to revisit what God deems as honorable behavior. What boundaries has He laid out that true freedom is found? Many of you have no problems keeping commandments such as not committing adultery, not stealing, not coveting etc. But if you are totally honest, the 2 Commandments that keeps you an arm length’s or a mouthful away from being fully invested is keeping the Sabbath/Feast Days(the real ones, 7th Day Shabbat, Feasts of Passover, Sukkot, Yom Kippur etc) and eating kosher.
My challenge to you. Without debate, tell yourself you are going to for one month keep the Sabbath. From Friday at Sundown until Saturday at sundown(Jewish calendar is lunar, days begin in the evening). No work, no buying and selling. Spend 24 hrs studying, and being with family. Its 4 Days out of a month. Come back and let me know how God blesses your time.

Also another challenge, or a different one if you are not ready to keep the Sabbath for a month. Try eating no pork, no lobster, no shrimp, no catfish and any other items you may have in your diet that are prohibited in Leviticus. Maybe investigate what those actually do to your body and why God does not want his people eating stuff that he determines is NOT food.

I think these are all easy short term challenges for everyone.

One last one I would like to suggest is for everyone to continue, or either begin seeking out true context to Scripture. As well as the founding documents of the United States. Too many are focused only on one or the other. There are intrinsic connections to the Bible and our every day life in 2022 contextually.

If we all want to live Honorably and Righteously before God and Messiah, then we must return to those qualities as they are defined from the true source. It is that very Source that I believe God worked through that very flawed group of men who gave us the Founding Documents of this Nation that we currently reside .

The topic of Honor and Shame has been a focal point for my biblical studies and teachings for several years and as of 2020, it has infiltrated into the same avenues of United States History. My goal is to continue to show the inter linkage of this ancient cultural concept from our Biblical Past, to its 21st Century mirrored image in America and the every day life of the individual.

If you would like to se more writings, videos , or posts on this, drop a comment below. You can also find me on Telegram, Truth Social, my past YouTube Channel, and yes, still commie Facebook. Simply search my name in any of these platforms.



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